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Operating System

System software that acts as a "go-between", allowing computer hardware and other software to communicate with each other


The part of a computer that contians the chips and circuits that allow it to perform its functions.


Read Only Memory


Random Access Memory; temporary memory. RAM is expandable, and resides on the motherboard.


An operating system used by the majority of PCs.

Hard Drive

computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

Blue Tooth

wireless network technology, designed for short-range; mobile phone and headset, PDA and computer, & mouse & a computer


to synchronize

IP Adress

Also called an Internet Protocol address, an addigned series of number, sparated by periods, that designates an address on the Internet.


a unit of information equal to a trillion (1,099,511,627,776) bytes or 1024 gigabytes

Flash Drive

a plug-and-play portable storage device that uses flash memory and is lightweight enough to attach to a key chain; also known as a pen drive, keychain drive, thumb drive, jump drive


High Definition Multimedia Interface


long distance


An input device that enables the user to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. A digitizing tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or pen. A cursor (also called a puck) is similar to a mouse, except that it has a window with cross hairs for pinpoint placement, and it can have as many as 16 buttons. A pen (also called a stylus) looks like a simple ballpoint pen but uses an electronic head instead of ink. The tablet contains electronics that enable it to detect movement of the cursor or pen and translate the movements into digital signals that it sends to the computer.


a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves


A computer program that works to counter the behavior of viruses on a computer by removing or quarantining them.


software used to access and view webpages


A camera that broadcast images through the Internet through a computer or web cell phone.


to make clean, bright, or fresh again; renovate

High Definition

Creates strong contrast between shapes and tends to increase clarity and immediacy of communication

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