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WHI.2 Paleolithic Era-Agricultural Revolution

Life for hunter-gatherer societies was shaped by:
their physical environment
When did homo sapiens emerge?
between 100,000 and 400,000 years ago
Where did homo sapiens emerge?
Homo sapiens migrated from Africa to:
Eurasia, Australia and the Americas
Hunter gatherers were dependent on:
the availability of wild plants and animals
Paleolithic Era
Old Stone Age
migrating in search of food, water and shelter
Hunter gatherer societies:
- invented the first tools
- learned to make and use fire
- lived in clans
- developed oral language
- created cave art
Neolithic Era
New Stone Age
domesticated plants
New Stone Age societies
- domesticated plants and animals
- used advanced tools
- made pottery
- developed weaving skills
one who studies past cultures by locating & analyzing human remains, settlements, fossils & artifacts
carbon dating
scientific test to analyze fossils and arifacts
archaeological site in England begun in the Neolithic Era and completed during the Bronze Age
early Fertile Crescent cities studied by archaeologists
Aleppo and Jericho
Neolithic settlement currently under excavation in Anatolia

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