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USI.3 Early North American cultures

the recovery of material evidence remaining from the past
location of early Indian settlements discovered by archaeologists
southeastern Virginia
study human behavior and cultures of the past through the recovery and analysis of artifacts
scientists to not agree about:
how and when people first arrived in the Western hemisphere
Cactus Hill
one of the oldest archaeological sites in North America
location of Cactus Hill
on the Nottoway River in southeastern Virginia
significance of Cactus Hill
provides evidence that humans lived there as early as 18,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest archaeological sites in North America
- inhabited present day Alaska and northern Canada
- Arctic areas where the temperature is below freezing much of the year
- homelands included the Pacific Northwest coast
- characterized by a rainy, mild climate
- inhabtied the interior of the United States, on the Great Plains
- characterized by dry, grasslands
- inhabited the southwest in present-day New Mexico and Arizona
- desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains
- homelands included northeast North America in the Eastern Woodlands
- heavily forested areas
Geography and climate: affected how American Indian groups met their basic needs
affected how American Indian groups met their basic needs
how Ameruican Indians got food
fishing, hunting & growing crops
how American Indians made clothing
from animal skins and plants
how American Indians contructed shelters
- from resources found in their environment
- sod, stones, animal skins, wood, etc.
natural resources
things that come directly from nature
human resources
people working to produce goods and services
capital resources
goods produced and used to make other goods and services
natural resources used by American Indians
fish, wild animals, crops
human resources used by American Indians
people who fished, made clothing and hunted animals
capital resources used by American Indians
canoes, bow and spears

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