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1. WO - Used for corrective maintenance.

Preventative and predictive maintenance are covered by SPP-6.2

2. Any employee may identify and initiate a WO for maintenance work.

1. Before initiating a WO, the employee should evaluate the work to determine if it can be performed as "tool-pouch maintenance" per App. A.
2. If it cannot be corrected as tool-pouch maintenance, a SR should be generated.

3. Conditions adverse to quality

PER shall be initiated. If it affects operability, notify SM immediately. Safety related problems must be verbally reported to the on-shift SRO at a minimum.

4. Emergency Work Orders

a. All personnel are to act under the command and control of the SM
b. Planning done in parallel with work, document performance ASAP after the fact

5. Minimum information required in MAXIMO for WO initiation

a. Noun name of equipment
b. Unit ID
c. Description of problem (symptoms and observations)

• If MAXIMO is not available, manually submitted SR's are submitted to SM or designee

6. Work orders are not required for maintenance of equipment and systems which are not necessary for plant operations such as; equipment in office buildings

7. A WO shall not be used to request plant modification. Use DCN/TEMPALT

8. Minor Maintenance - is work that can be conducted safely without detailed written work instructions.

a. Toolpouch Maintenance - NO WO
i. No documentation or planning required
ii. Completed within current shift
iii. No RadCon or Safety coverage other than self-coverage
iv. Does not affect plant operations
v. No records
vi. Only minor consumable parts required
vii. Not safety related or trip sensitive equipment
viii. Valves not identified as MEL (critical operator actions)
ix. No need for de-energization or isolation
b. Minor Work - REQUIRES A WO
i. No operational impact

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