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SPP-10.1 System Status Control

Establishes method for obtaining maintaining and documenting control of equipment and system status.
OPS Superintendent:
• Determines systems/components requiring status control
• Authorizes relaxation of status control
Shift Manager/designee:
• Determines when re-performance of a checklist should be done
• maintains status control
• authorizes relaxation within a clearance
• ensures procedures restore correct status
• ensures all activities that change plant status are authorized by an approved procedure or work document
Who can operate components?
• Qualified OPS personnel
• Qualified Maintenance personnel as authorized by the SM/US
• Qualified Radcon/Chemistry personnel as authorized by SM/US
Relaxing Status Control
When status control is relaxed it is logged in the Operator's log
If control is not maintained, then appropriate checklists shall be performed to reestablish status control