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What are the 6 Sources of Skepticism?

1) Informal Fallacies
2) Traditions and Customs
3) Common Sense
4) Intuition
5) Science
6) Reason

Informal Fallacies

If pseudo argument does not succeed, No argument will

Traditions and Customs

What we are most comfortable with is true


Natural sign is always accompanied with reality or the sign is reality

Common Sense

Appearance is Reality


is misused when philosophical concepts overlap with scientific methods


is skeptical when it is not fully understood or not fully used

What is Knowledge?

Justified True Belief

2 kinds of Justification?

Strong - argument of the opposite is impossible to be the truth
Weak - uses sensory and can highly be possible to be true

Define Contradiction in 3 ways

Quality vs. Quantity
Both cannot be true and both can not be false
all lines are straight

Quantity vs. Quality

Quantity - All or Some
Quality - is or is not

Define Argument

Argument uses premises to support a conclusion

Define Valid

an argument is Valid if the premises logically support the conclusion

Define Soundness

argument is sound if it is Valid and the premises are True

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