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An organization's competitive advantage is
what it can do differently from its competitors
Staffing influences organizational performance because
Its outcomes determine who will work for and represent the firm
Staffing professionals promote the goals of society by
helping to match people with jobs and organizations
Strategically evaluating the companys current lines of business, ...the skills it will need to execute its business strategy is
workforce planning
If a staffing specialist evaluates the organizations current employees...which of the following is being done
According to the resource- based view of the firm, in order to creat value, staffing practices must
enhance the differentiation of the firm's products
A company is able to successfully recruit engineers...this is an example of
Axis auto tries to keep its operational...this is known as a...strategy
cost leadership
With which of the following competitive advantages is cost less of a barrier in attracting top talent for companies?
product innovation
Organic growth takes place when an organization...
expands from within by opening new factories or stores
Which of he following is true for employment contracts
An implicit contract is not specified in a written or verbal contract
Which of the following are employees of a company who take...basis for a client or company?
leased workers
Which of the following was declared illegal by the taft hartley labor act?
closed shop
The WARN act of 1988 applies to
private, public, and quasi- public entities which operate in a commercial context
The age discrimination in employment act of 1967 protects people
40 years of age or older
a formal group or cluster of tasks is a
a job analysis ...
determines a job's entry requirments
if the job of a loader exists to load packages on delivery trucks, the ability to safely lift and load packages onto a truck is a
essential funciton
A summary of the characteristics of someone able to perform the job well is a
person specification
The job analysis technique that identifies behaviors that lead to extremely effective or extremely ineffective job performance is
critical incidents method
Which of the following is the first step in the typical workforce planning process
identifying the firm's business strategy
Typically, when interest rates rise,
businesses are less likely to expand
which of the following events suggests that a home...in the next 1-3 years
a decrease in consumer disposable income
if a company employs two office assistants for every nine architets...will it need to hire
....involves looking at past employment patterns and using those patterns to predict a firm's future labor needs
trend analysis
An employee who is currently employed but ocassionally visits online job boards "just to see whats out there" in case he can identify a better job opportunity is called
passive job seeker
which of the following is an internal recruiting source?
succession management
the ongoing process of recruiting, evaluating, developing, and preparing employees to assume other postions in the firm in the future is
succession management
the management at Ajax Corporation ...which of the following methods of internal sourcing does ajax use?
talent inventories
Which of the following refers to the training of employees to extend their capabilites and prepare them to assume other jobs and roles in the firm?
employee development
When an applicant believes that an assessment method is unfair because it does not give him an opportunity to demonstrate job relevant skills...
procedural fairness is low
Amy was unhappy with the way she was treated when she applied for the position of a shop floor asisstant at a local retail outlet...when...this is an example of
spillover effect
An applicant who finds a recruiter to be rude and unhelpful is likely to perceive l
low interactional fairness
For which of the following types of candidates...becoming applicants at all
passive job seekers
Which of the following seems to be most important with regard to recruiter demographics
the recruiter needs to be able to relate to a recruits value system and motivations
The fit between a persons abilities and the demands of the job and the fit between a persons desires and motivations and attributes and rewards of a job is
person-job fit
If an individuals goals, values, and work style clashes with the goals...co workers, which is true?
the individual has low person- group fit
Which of the following is true of person-organization fit?
It is positively related to job satisfaction
When a restaurant hires a server who has simialr competncies to the existent servers, this is an example of
supplementary fit
When a company rejected Sara, who would have been a poor performer on the job, which assessment outcome occured?
true negative
Internal assessment typically improves a firm's stategic capabiliites by
assisting "blocked" employees to improve thier performance
Why do some firms prefer to call groups of employees targeted for accelerated development :acceleration pools" rather than "high-potential pools
because "high potential " pool implies the rest are of low potential
critical skills to employees needed in the future
an additional ethical issue involves the...of an employees application for another position in the company
Which of the following is a limitation of using supervisors in performance reviews?
they may be less able to see the employee's task and interpersonal behaviors
In the selection procedure of a firm, what type of assessment plan is being used?
multiple hurdles
At spyglass Inc....which of the following methods should it use to hire new personael?
multiple hurdles
when different assessments are made using different scales, before they can be combined the raw score must be
a minimum assessment score that must be met or exceeded to advance the next assessment phase or to be eligible to receive a job offer is a
cut score
using high cut scores...
increase the number of false negative hiring outcomes
Interacting with recruiters and future coworkers during the hiring process is the...phase of the socialization process
the first stage of the socialization process is
processing a new employee's employment-related paperwork acquiring necessary keys and identification cards, and establishing an e-mail account for them is part of
Earlene Gibson....which of the following, if true would be the strongest counterargument for the implantation of this plan?
bioMd has a strong R&D
the Wolverines....this is an example of
divestiture socialization
Which of the following refers to the process of analyzing a hiring system to determine its performance and effectiveness?
staffing evaluation
indirect staffing costs
can be more significant than the direct costs but are more difficult to measure
Measurable factors critical to the firms success and lon and short term goals are...
key performance indicators
in terms of evaluating staffing systems, lower applicant quality is a
leading indicator
which of the following is both a leading and a lagging indcicator of staffing outcomes
number of applicants per position