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Foreign Policy

Gilded Age
Industrialization, Responses to Socialism, Westward Settlement
govt intervention should be used to help common people, against laissez faire, McKinley-tariffs, TR-Cuban Rebellion, gains Puerto Rico, Guam, expansion, Panama Canal
Pre WW1 (Progressive)
US is neutral, trades with countries at war. TR calls for war after sinking.
"world must be made safe for democracy", expansion of govt powers: sedition acts, war industries board...
Red Scare, race riots, labor unrest. fear of foreigners: sets limit to 150000/year. avoid foreign entanglement, separate peace treaty with Germany
Hoover's idealism
FDR builds confidence:public works, Wagner Act
Neutrality Acts: Cash and Carry, Lend Lease, Atlantic Charter. Build up of military. Internment. D-Day
Cold War
Warsaw Pact, NATO, Containment: Berlin Airlift, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan. Eisenhower: aid to Viets, SEATO, HUAC. Kennedy: Bay of Pigs, Alliance for Progress, Missile Buildup and Crisis. LBJ: build up of troops to 400,000, guerilla war, Gulf of Tonkin.
Nixon- Realism: Kissinger, Doctrine, Vietnamization, Detente, China, Peace Agreement. Carter- Idealism: Canal, Iran Hostage Crisis, Human RIghts. Reagan- Idealism, rejects containment, $1.5 trillion on military buildup
Bush: Somalia, Panama, Gulf War
Clinton-Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo