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when should you stop formula and give whole cow's milk?
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most distinguishable characterisitic of play and enriches child's opportunity to engage in fantasyimitative playhow do toddlers parallel play?play alongside friend but still doesn't interact with friend; don't speak and never even touch the same toy; refuse to share; have short attention spans so they go from toy to toy; enjoy testing their toyswhat kind of toys to toddlers enjoy?puzzles, dishes, large puzzles, pull-push toys, slideswhat are some helpful types of play?finger paints, thick crayons, chalk and paper; tactile play; talking is a form of playwhat does the use of finger paints, thick crayons, and chalk and paper encourage?fine-motor skillsprovides opportunity for creative and manipulative playtactile playwhat is the most educational type of toy?one that fosters the interaction of an adult with a childwhat kind of accidents are toddlers at risk for?MVA, drowning, poisoning, falls and electric shocks, burns, aspiration/suffocation, bodily injurywhy are toddlers at risk for drowning?with well developed skills of locomotion, toddlers are able to reach potentially dangerous areas like bathtub, toilets, pools, hot tubs, ponds/lakeswhy are toddlers at risk for burns?toddlers' ability to climb, stretch and reach objects above their headwhy are toddlers at risk for poisoning?high risk of accidental poisoning bc of their innate curiosity and ability to open "childproof" containers; medication looks like candy to toddlerwhen is foreign body aspiration the most common?second year of lifewhy are toddlers at risk for aspiration/suffocation?have difficulties with large pieces of food-cannot discard pits from fruits or bones of fish; plastic wrappers and small plastic toys can cause chokingwhy are toddlers at risk for bodily injury?still clumsy in many of their skills and can harm themselves when walking while holding a sharp or pointed object or with a spoon in their mouthwhat should you teach parents to do if it is difficult to stop bottlefeeding?give bottle of water instead of milkwhen should toddler go to dentist?age 2how many teeth do toddlers have by age 2? by age 2 1/2?16 by 2; 20 by 2 1/2what is important for dental health of child?brush and floss teeth; avoid sticky things with lots of sugar (low sugar diet to avoid cavities), parents dental hygiene affects toddlers (imitation)when does the APAD recommend child have oral exam?by age 1helps enamel protein retention, hypo mineralization of enamel and dentin, and disturbance of crystal formationfluoride