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1) Identify the description of an atom.
A) neutrons and electrons in nucleus; protons in orbitals
B) neutrons in nucleus; protons and electrons in orbitals
C) protons and neutrons in nucleus; electrons in orbitals
D) protons and electrons in nucleus; neutrons in orbitals
E) electrons in nucleus; protons and neutrons in orbitals


13) Calculate the atomic mass of silver if silver has 2 naturally occurring isotopes with the following masses and natural abundances:

Ag-107 106.90509 amu 51.84%
Ag-109 108.90476 amu 48.46%

A) 107.90 amu
B) 108.00 amu
C) 107.79 amu
D) 108.32 amu
E) 108.19 amu


14) Which of the following contains the MOST atoms? You shouldn't need to do a calculation here.
A) 10.0 g Ne
B) 10.0 g He
C) 10.0 g Ar
D) 10.0 g Kr
E) 10.0 g Mg


15) How many silver atoms are contained in 3.75 moles of silver?
A) 6.23 × 1024 silver atoms
B) 2.26 × 1024 silver atoms
C) 1.61 × 1023 silver atoms
D) 2.44 × 1026 silver atoms
E) 6.50 × 1025 silver atoms


16) How many argon atoms are contained in 7.66 x 105 mmol of argon?
A) 4.61 × 1026 Ar atoms
B) 1.84 × 1028 Ar atoms
C) 1.15 × 1028 Ar atoms
D) 7.86 × 1020 Ar atoms
E) 3.24 × 1026 Ar atoms


17) What mass (in g) does 3.99 moles of Kr have?
A) 334 g
B) 476 g
C) 211 g
D) 240 g
E) 144 g


18) How many moles of potassium are contained in 449 g of potassium?
A) 11.5 moles
B) 17.6 moles
C) 69.2 moles
D) 23.9 moles
E) 41.5 moles


19) How many moles are in 2.16 x 1024 atoms of lead?
A) 35.9 moles
B) 3.59 moles
C) 0.359 moles
D) 6.08 moles
E) 1.79 moles


20) How many molecules are in 2.50 moles of CO2?
A) 4.52 x 1024 atoms
B) 1.51 x 1024 atoms
C) 5.02 x 1023 atoms
D) 3.01 x 1024 atoms
E) 7.53 x 1023 atoms

Number of grams/molar mass

Number of moles =

Number of moles x molar mass

Number of grams =

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