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BitLocker Drive Encryption

used to address the risks to data stored on workstations and laptops

The Internet

a great source of information, but is also the biggest source of malware (malicious software)


software that is silently installed on your computer, monitors your behavior, and performs actions based on your behavior

Hash Encryption Algorithm

encryption algorithm that is one-way, which means that it encrypts data, but the data cannot be decrypted

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

a part of the motherboard in your computer and is used to store encryption keys and certificates

Protected Mode

mode in which Internet Explorer runs in a limited state, in which user files cannot be modified

Network Access Protection (NAP)

a computer authorization system for networks that prevents unhealthy computers from accessing the network

Password Policy

a collection of settings to control password characteristics such as length and complexity; included in the Account Policies category

Security Templates

are .inf files that contain settings that correspond with the Account Policies and Local Policies in the local security policy

BitLocker To Go

a method for protecting data on removable storage such as USB drives

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