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numerous periods of mania and depression, but not for long periods of time


resembling mania, but not as severe

Major Depression

Severe dysphoric mood with psychotic features


Grandiose sense of sef-importance and preoccupied with fantasies of success and power


continually suspicious and mistrustful of other people


no loyalty or concern for others; without moral standards


emotionally cold and aloof


emotional, immature and dependant; outbursts

Dissociative disorder

mental symptoms such as amnesia hide the pain and anxiety of unconscious conflicts

conversion disorder

physical symptoms appear as a defense against overwhelming anxiety


genaral preoccupation with bodily aches and pains and irrational fear about one's health

anorexia nervosa

psychological factors such as anxiety, anger, and fear produce unrealistic body image and reluctant to eat

Bulimia nervosa

fear of obesity in which binge eating is followed by induced vomiting

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