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Exam 2

Fuel Nutrients

Carbohydrates, fats, proteins

Regulatory Nutrients

Vitamins, minerals, water


a unit of measure indicating the energy value of food.

3500 calories =

1 lb. of body weight =

Cardiovascular Disease

A disease of the heart and blood

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

a MAJOR FORM OF Cardiovascular disease


Fatty/cholesterol depsosits

Genetic/ Personal Lifestyle

What is the most important factor of Cardiovascular Wellness?

Primary Rick Factors of CHD

Smoking, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, hypertension (high blood pressure, systolic 120-129 over diastolic 80-84), family history, gender, obesity, age

Secondary Risk Factors for CHD

Diabetes, stress


The mental, emotional and physiological response of the body to any situation that is new, threatening, frightening or exciting


Stress is ________


The stress causing event is called

Dr.Hans Selye

General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS), alarm (fight or flight), resistance and exhaustion/recovery stages of stress

Personality and Stress

Type A, Type B, Type C

Coping with Stress

physical activity and relaxation techniques does what?

Acute Injuries

are a result of a single event


acute injury to the ligaments (joint, ankle, knee ect)


acute injuries to muscle and or tendons (muscle-pulls)


shock absorbing tissue (meniscus)

R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)

Treatment for acute injuries

Chronic Injuries

are caused by repetitive forces


stress fractures, bursitis, plantar fasciitis

Heat Illness

heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke (life threatening)


Uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells






cancerous cells spread throughout the body

Tobacco (30%), diet and obesity (30%), family history, sedentary lifestyle, ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution

Major causes of cancer

Skin Cancer

the most common type of cancer:


Approximately __% of all cancers are related to lifestyle and environmental factors


____ is the most important factor in controlling your risk of cancer

Addictive Behaviors

compulsive and harmful behaviors

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


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