11 terms

Chapter 13

monitoring news sources to analyze and assess the information they produce.
any monitoring material thing that can be perceived by the human senses.
geographic locations
how something is done, how it works, or how it has developed.
a significant occurrence that an individual personally experiences or otherwise knows about.
ideas and concepts
mental activity including thoughts, understandings, beliefs, notions and principles.
chronological pattern
a pattern of organization that arranges the elements in time sequence, or in the order in which they happened
spatial pattern
a pattern of organization that arranges the elements on the basis of space or situational relationships
topical pattern
pattern of organization that allows the speaker to divide a topic into subtopics, each of which addresses a different aspect of the larger topic
narrative pattern
pattern that consists of a story, or series of short stories, replete with character, setting, plot, and vivid imagery
cause and effect pattern
a pattern of organizing the main points of a speech so that they describe the causes of an event and then identify its consequences