25 terms


the technology gap
The widening disparity between the communication technology haves and have-nots is referred to as:
Computers that reduce information to a code made up of the digits 1 and 0 for storage and manipulation are said to use a _____________ code.
Taping a television show on a home VCR or DVR for later viewing is called:
true or false?

A television program's share is more important than its rating in the consideration of its success in its time slot.
global village
McLuhan's idea that new communication technologies will permit people to become increasingly involved in one another's lives is his concept of the __________:
According to the National Institute on Media and the Family, what percentage of underage boys has played M-rated games?
digital divide
The lack of technological access among people of color, the poor, the disabled, and those living in rural areas is called?
Vladimir Zworykin
_____________, a Russian immigrant living near Pittsburgh, developed the iconoscope tube, the first practical television camera tube.
Groups of channels made available to subscribers at varying prices are known in the cable business as:
Missile Attack, Auto Race, and Football
In 1977, Mattell brought true electronic games to hand-held devices with:
A videogame designed to encourage strenuous physical activity is a(n)__________.
true or false
Video-on-demand is one example of interactive cable television.
the red channels
listed the names of 151 broadcast personalities with alleged ties to the Communist Party
The average gamer spends how many hours playing a single game in a single sitting?
The first first-person perspective shooter game was:
Nolan Bushnell
Computer Space, released in 1971, was designed by:
The most-purchased type of console game is:
a system in which content is sent to an antenna set up atop a building and then distributed by wires to subscribers in that building.
Four times each year, more detailed measuring of television audiences takes place, called _____________, employing not only mechanical counting but home diaries.
fiber optic
Wire that allows the sending of signals by light beams is called:
virtual world games
________ is another name for massively multiplayer online role-playing games.
Stations will have to return those channels to the public.
Once all stations convert to digital broadcasting, what is to become of their analog channels?
The first public demonstration of television, in the form of regularly scheduled two-hour broadcasts, was
presented by _____________ at the 1939 World's Fair.
Cable can trace its roots to 1948 in:
Fast-forwarding through commercials on a taped television show is called: