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Foundations of Government

Absolute Monarch

A king or queen with absolute, or total power.


A form of government in which all power is in the hands of one person or a small group.


A form of government in which the people of a nation either rule directly or through elected representatives.

Direct Democracy

A form of government in which all the people meet together at one place to make the laws.

Representative Democracy

A form of government in which the people elect representatives to carry on the work of government for them.


A rule of conduct enforced by government.


A written plan of government.


A loose association of states.


A representative.


The lawmaking body of the British government.


Consisting of two houses, as in a lawmaking body.


An agreement in which each side gives up part of its demands.


A lawmaking body of government.


Approval by a formal vote.


A supporter of the Constitution.


An opponent of the Constitution.

Constitutional Monarchy

A country with a King or Queen but ruled by a Constitution.

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