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CAUSE: Tensions rose between British soldiers and colonists in Boston.

EFFECT: Boston Massacre.

CAUSE: Committees of Correspondence were formed.

EFFECT: Members of the committees wrote to each other about local events.

CAUSE: Parliament passed the Tea Act.

EFFECT: Colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party.

CAUSE: The First Continental Congress was held.

EFFECT: Colonists voted to stop trade with Britian until the Intolerable Acts were repealed.

Question # 2 What was the goal of the Committee of Correspondence?

Answer # 2 The purpose was to share events quickly among colonists.

Question # 3 What were the Intolerable Acts?

Answer # 3 The Intolerable Acts were British laws that were passed to punish the people of Boston. Soldiers were sent back to Boston, the harbor was closed, General Gage was sent to govern, and the colonists were expected to pay for the tea.

Question # 4 What events in Boston helped bring Britain and the colonists closer to war?

Answer # 4 The Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Acts created tensions that moved Britain and the colonies closer to war.

Question # 5 What was the difference between a Loyalist and a Patriot?

Answer # 5 The Patriots wanted independence from Britain. The Loyalists wanted to be free from Britain.

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