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1st definition of psychology

the scientific study of the human soul

mind-body dualism

the idea that a God-given soul animated the separate but otherwise lifeless body

Willhelm Wundt

Professor of Physiology and later Philosopy at Univ. of Leipzig, Germany; considered founder of Psychology

psycho-physical parallelism

holds that although the mind and boyd operated in different worlds, the non-material mind and the material body were tightly linked.

2nd definition of psychology

the scientific study of human and animal minds or mental processes

William James

investigated psychic phenomena in order to verify the existence of the soul; decided that the mind was a process that had evolved to allow an animal to adapt to circumstances or environment so it could survive.

3rd definition of psychology (1920s)

scientific study of human and animal behavior

John Watson

3rd definition; founded school of thought called Behaviorsim

B.F. Skinner

Harvard Professor that championed Behaviorism

4th definition of psychology (1970s)

scientific study of human and animal behavior and mental processes

5th definition of psychology

scientific study of behavior and mental processes

6th (current) definition of psychology

the study of behavior and mental processes in context.


approach to psychology that attempted to break down experience into its basic elements or structures, using a technique called introspection, in which subjects provided scientific reports of perceptual experiences


approach to psychology that emphasized the function of the mind rather than its structure or contents. Influenced by Darwin's theory of natural selection, followers attempted to learn how mental processes, such as learning, thinking, and perceiving helped people adapt.

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