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Used to make oral biofilm clinically visible:

Disclosing agents

Disclosing agents are available in what forms?

Liquid or tablet

Erythrosin dye stains oral biofilm what color?


When is the most commonly employed disclosing agent?


The extraoral assessment includes an overall evaluation of what 5 things?

1. head
2. face
3. neck
4 skin
5. associated lymph nodes

In healthy clients, what do the lymph nodes look like?

Small, soft, and mobile in the surrounding tissue and cannot be either visualized or palpated



Palpable lymph nodes are those that are:

unhealthy an enlarged

What shape are lymph nodes?

Bean shaped

Where are the lymph nodes located?

Grouped in clusters along the connecting lymphatic vessels, positioned to filter toxic products from the lymph to prevent their entry into the blood.

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