20 terms

Ch 3.1: Toward Revolution

tax protest
-mob of colonists led by MacIntosh opposing Oliver, Bostonian stamp officer
Proclamation of 1763
-settlers move into Native American hunting ground previously protected by French west of Appalachians secured by treaty
-George III says no more expansion to keep peace with NA
-colonists enraged
-chief of Ottawa, lead revolt against expansion into land
The Sugar Act (1764)
-Britain imposes taxes on sugar, wine, textiles, coffee, molasses from places other than BR
-skyrocketed price of goods, hurt trading posts, encouraged while restricted smuggling
-widened gap between colonists and British
"no taxation without representation"
-colonists wanted to be able to have a say in their taxes
external tax
-tax on goods entering colonies
internal tax
-tax on goods made within colonies
Stamp Act (1765)
-tax on all documents that must bear an official stamp to prove they'd paid the tax
-colonists felt it was unfair to regulate internal tax
Sons of Liberty
-radical group opposed to Stamp Act
Samuel Adams
-leader of SoL
Declaratory Act
-nine colonies repeal Stamp Act --> Parliament passes law giving them the right to make laws regardless of colonist consent
Boston Massacre (1770)
-conflict breaks out when British troops are sent to Boston to enforce laws
-5 die including Crispus Attucks
Tea Act (1773)
-colonies only allowed to buy from East India Trade Co
Boston Tea Party
-SoL disguised as Mowhawks throw 324 chests of tea in the Boston harbor
-pertaining to decrees drawn by colonists opposing BR
Townshend Acts (1767)
-boycotted laws restricting and taxing British-colonial trade
committee of correspondence
-colonial organization(s) organized in 1772 to spread news of Great Britain's actions and acts throughout the colonies
-carried news of the closed Boston Harbor
First Continental Congress (1774)
-56 men, 12 colonies, met in Philie to discuss a halt in trade with BR
-1775 recall
Concord and Lexington
-skirmish leaving 8 Americans dead when BR ordered to arrest Continental Congress
-led to guerilla attacks that started war
General Gage
-gov of Massachusetts in charge of BR in arrest