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A&E: Lung

Lung Channel Actions and Effects
LU 1
F: clears heat from upper warmer; for wind-heat that has penetrated deeply into the chest (late stage)
I: bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, coughing and wheezing, pain in the chest, late stage wind-heat - fever, w/ yellow or green phlegm
LU 3
F: clears heat in the upper warmer; regulates LU qi; often used as local pt
I: asthma, nosebleed, pain in medial arm, WOS indications: children that get asthma from nightmares
LU 5
F: clears LU heat and regulates LU qi; directs LU qi downward; expels phlegm from LUs; benefits the elbow joint; cooling; Tx LU organ (chronic or acute)
I: coughing, asthma, spitting blood, mastitis, swelling and pain in elbow and arm, fullness in chest (d/t phelgm), phlegm in the LUs (yellow, white, heavy), transforms phlegm
LU 6
F: clears heat; moistens the LUs; alleviates cough and calms wheezing; benefits the throat; cools the blood and stops bleeding
I: cough, asthma, hemoptysis, sore throat, chest pain related to LUs, similar to LU 5, but esp. good for bleeding, pain in elbow/forearm
LU 7
F: circulates and regulates LU qi (esp. descending function); strengthens descending and dispersing function of LUs; expels wind and releases the exterior; opens water passages
I: cough (early stage wind inv. or rebellious qi), asthma, sore swollen throat (esp. early stage wind inv.), facial edema (LU not descending), open nose for wind-cold, main pt for common cold, stiff neck, HA, diseases of wrist joint
LU 9
F: tonifies LU qi and yin; transforms phlegm and alleviates cough
I: dull chest pain, weak cough (def. LU), helps to dry phlegm, diseases of the radial wrist joint, generally used for more chronic def. LU conditions
LU 10
F: benefits the throat, alleviates pain; clears LU heat
I: hoarseness, laryngitis, fever, cools heat in the LUs and benefits the throat - any inflammation of the LUs or throat, fever sensation in the palm
LU 11
F: clears LU heat and benefits the throat; revives from fainting or collapse
I: cough, MP extreme sore throat from excess, MP tonsillitis, asthma, nosebleed (acute), spasmodic pain of thumb