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A&E: Large Intestine

Large Intestine channel Actions and Effects
LI 1
F: clears yangming (ST, LI) channel heat; benefits the throat, alleviates pain
I: good for febrile conditions, unrelenting fever, toothache (esp. lower jaw), heat, pain, stagnation (esp. at opposite end of channel), shock, coma
LI 2
F: release exterior; disperses wind; disperses heat in channel
I: toothache (esp. lower jaw), fever, distal effect on face
LI 3
F: clears yangming heat; benefits and moistens the throat; transforms damp heat
I: toothache, sore throat, local inflammation, most often used as local pt
LI 4
F: expels wind (bias toward ext. wind); releases the exterior conditions (bias toward wind-heat); clears heat, reduces inflammation and alleviates pain; unblocks channels and regulates qi and blood; awakens the brain and opens the orifices (face, mouth, ears, nose, etc)
I: deafness (acute), sensory organ diseases (nose, eyes, ears, mouth), eye pain, facial edema, facial paralysis, bells palsy, toothache, lockjaw, colds and flu (wind-heat), wind or heat rash, difficult or delayed labor, pain in general (esp. excess), used w/ KD 7 to stimulate or stop sweat
LI 5
F: disperses wind-heat
I: insect point*, for insect bites, skin problems (wind-heat w/ itching), use locally for wrist injuries
LI 6
F: effective wind-water pt; unblocks waterways, disperses damp heat
I: neuralgia of the forearm, aching forearm, facial edema (wind-water)
LI 7
F: clears yangming (ST, LI) channel heat; alleviates pain along channel
I: special pt for mouth and tongue inflammation, acute oral inflammation, aching shoulder and arm (channel related)
LI 10
F: immune system* pt; main forearm pt; strengthens wei qi
I: pain in shoulder and arm, forearm and hand pain/paralysis d/t stroke, motor impairment of arm and hand
*elctro good at LI 15 to LI 10
LI 11
F: MP to eliminate heat*; releases exterior and disperses wind (wind-heat); clears heat and drains dampness; moves qi; quells fire, cools blood heat and reduces fever; MP for high fever (jingwells)
I: MP for high fever, MP for skin diseases (esp. w/ heat and dampness: eczema, psoriasis, carbuncles, hot itchy skin disorders, wind-rash), expels summer heat, febrile disease in general (reduces fever, colds, flu - esp. w/ fever), red and painful eyes (heat), vomiting and diarrhea (w/ flu), oral herpes, high blood pressure, sore swollen throat, hemiplegia, upper limb paralysis, numbness and arthritis
LI 14
F: benefits the shoulder; clears vision; brightens the eyes
I: pain in the arm and shoulder, and eye disease (esp. wind-heat), usually used as a local pt
LI 15
F: control pt of the shoulder*; moves the channel
I: inflammation or pain in the shoulder joint, wind-damp Bi in shoulder, hemiplegia from stroke, motor impairment of arm in general
LI 16
F: shoulder, joint and soft tissue*; disperses stagnant blood; benefits shoulder joint
I: diseases of the shoulder joint and soft tissues, spitting blood from the LU, stagnant blood in the chest and LU (adjunctive pt)
LI 18
F: regulates qi, transforms phlegm; reduces swelling and alleviates pain; softens hard masses (neck)
I: hoarse voice (use w/ LI 4), neck lumps, swollen lymph nodes in neck, regulates high blood pressure (fxn of WoS pt)
LI 20
F: opens and benefits the nose; disperses wind-cold
I: MP for nose and sinus problems (rhinitis, nasal obstruction, nosebleed w/ SP 1), local pt for toothache, facial pain, and swelling (facial swelling and itching), polyps (use LI 20 on affected side and LI 4 on other side)