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How are people and places linked by communication and the flow of people, ideas and goods?
▪ Transportation, communication, trade
▪ Patterns of movement such as migration
▪ Linkages and connections


What are their unifying features and how do they form and change over time?
▪ Regions a basic unit for geographic study
▪ Geographers divide the world into regions to help them interpret
▪ Regions can be defined on the basis of: physical and human characteristics.

Human/Environment Interaction

How do people interact with and change their environment?
▪ Depend on the environment
▪ Adapt to the environment
▪ Modify the environment


Where is it? Why is it located there?
▪ Absolute location is given in degrees of latitude and longitude
▪ Relative location depends upon point of reference, e.g.,near, far, a short drive


What is it like? All places have features that distinguish them from other places.
▪ Physical Characteristics - landforms (mountains, plains, etc.),bodies of water (oceans, lakes, bay, etc.), ecosystems (soil, plants, animals, and climate)
▪ Human Characteristics - bridges, roads, buildings, culture language

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