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Govt. Chapter 18

Before WWII. Isolationist, not gonna get involved unless our safety is concerned or there's something to be gained.
involve ourselves in whatever's going on in the world, won't retreat back into isolationism, wouldn't work, would do so at our own peril
Bipolar structure
2 clear superpowers: U.S. and Soviet Union
Unipolar structure
one clear superpower: U.S.
Domino Theory
if one country goes communist, the next country will go communist
ensure Soviets don't gain influence in rest of world. Contain Soviet influence in Eastern Europe
-"New world order" philosophy
work more closely with other nations; more involved with U.N.
The Gulf War
1991. Saddam Hussein dictated Kuwait, claimed it was part of Iraq's land and wanted to take it.
U.S./Iran historic conflict and current conflict
9/11 attacks, al-Qaeda, and the invasion of
Afghanistan (reasons and aftermath)
Invasion of Iraq (reasons and aftermath)
George W. Bush and his foreign policy
working with other countries
Paul Kennedy's thesis and the future of American power
rise: availability of economic resources and economic durability
fall: 1. military overstretch over 7000 military bases/outposts. spending lots of $, getting heavily involved in Iraq and Afghanistan
2. relative economic decline
The Military Industrial Complex
2.military contractors govt. signs contract with military to build things
3. certain members of Congress