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Nouns spelling patterns

Making nouns plural that end in s, sh, ch, x, or z
add -es: trenches, dishes, boxes, buzzes
Making nouns plural that end in consonant and y
-change the y to i and add -es: cities, properties
Making nouns plural that end in vowel and y
-just add s: stairways, plays
Making nouns plural ending in f or fe
Change the f to v and add -es or -s: shelves, knives
Exceptions to plural endings for f or fe
Chiefs, beliefs
Nouns that remain the same either singular or plural
deer, buffalo, sheep, salmon
Irregular plurals
children, women, men, feet, mice, etc.
Making singular plural possessives
-add an apostrophe and -s: boy's coat, cat's tail
Making plural possessives when the word ends in s.
-add an apostrophe: boys' coats, cats' tails.
Making plural possessive when the word does not end in s.
-add an apostrophe and -s: people's goods, men's shoes