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TOA 9000M2 Hardware Certification

What are 5 applications for the 9000M2?
1. BGM
2. Paging
3. Live Performance (auto-mixing)
4. Conference
5. Room Combining
What are 3 advantages from the M2 over the original 9000 series?
Simplified hardware architecture
Enhanced, streamlined GUI
More Remote Types
What does the M product code stand for at the beginning of the 9000M2 series?
What does the D/S product code mean at the end of the 9000?
What does the H product code mean at the end of the 9000?
High-impedance ONLY
What do you need to add (that's included) to the low-impedance models to power high impedance speakers?
How many scenes are available?
How many levels of paging priority are there?
Are priority levels assigned to specific scenes?
No -- they are applied to global memory
What is the advantage of the paging levels assigned to global memory?
Ease of programming--you don't have to set it per scene
What priority would a fire alarm go to?
Priority 1
What does a higher priority level do to other priorities?
Override (Mute or Ducking)
If someone in a zone turns down the BGM volume, will it turn down the priority page? Why?
No--pages are independent of the control for other source inputs.
what is the Dual balanced mic/line input module on the 9000M2?
what is the RCA input module on the 9000M2?
What is the Dual line output expansion module on the 9000M2?
What does the output module also include?
What can the HP and LP filters used for on the output EQ page?
Simple loudspeaker crossovers
Is the built-in DSP compressor very detailed?
No, 5 presets (leveler, normalizer, etc)
What does NOM stand for?
Number of Open Mics
How much delay can you add per module?
40ms per module
What are the three special function modules?
Ambient Noise Controller
Telephone DTMF zone paging
Control Expansion
What are the three paging modes?
Manual - uses line off of a telephone
Auto -
What is the best paging mode for an "all-call" page?
How many paging groups can be created?
What would be the top application for the 8 button zone remote?
Paging Triggers
Does the volume control on the ZM-9014 control the source volume or the zone volume?
What does ZM product code stand for
Zone reMote
Which crosspoint mode has a single input-to-output relationship?
Exclusive Mode
Which crosspoint mode has a input-to-multiple output relationship?
Simultaneous Mode
When would you want to use the Power Amp In?
Echo canceler or additional feedback suppressor
What is another word for "scene"?
What is the benefit of the independent paging output volume?
When someone turns BGM down in a zone, it doesn't turn down the page.
T/F You can utilize DSP when using the 900 series modules with the 9000m2. Why?
F - DSP is built into the 9000 series modules, however you can use the 900 modules for input/outputs
What type of cable is needed for the RS-485 remotes?
what type of button function allows you to press once to page, then once to resume to standard mode?
What product will allow a user to page multiple zones with a single amp output?
Q-SS-9012 Speaker Selector
What does the SS product code mean?
Speaker Selector
How is a 9000m2 generally used in HOW systems?
70V fill speakers
When stereo linking channels, what is linked and what is independent?
Linked - Volume
Independent - DSP (EQ, etc)
What is the ZP module?
Phone Page
Name the 6 stages of gain on the 9000M2
1. Mic Trim
2. Input Level
3. Input EQ
4. X-point matrix (Bussing)
5. Output level
6. Output EQ
What is a quick way to copy a scene setting onto another scene?
Save the scene before you load it.
T/F - When you assign priority to an input it goes to the x-point matrix
F - The channel leaves the x-point matrix and is sent to the paging matrix
When would you use the "mix" setting in the page matrix?
Using an auto-mix setup (where signals duck each other)
what are the limitations of the Z-9001 and Z-9002? (the ones that connect directly into the 9000 remote volume terminals--not the control module)
Only volume and scene change
When using the ZP module, what do you need to do to page output 1 in manual mode?
enter 01#
What paging mode would you use for an "all-call" application?
What paging mode would you use to group certain outputs together?
On the AN-001T module, when would you want to use a positive gain ratio?
When you want the music to increase over crowd volume
i.e. Factory,
On the AN-001T module, when would you want to use a negative gain ratio?
When you want the music to duck the crowd volume
i.e. Bar happy hour
What is the Maximum amount of zones are available in a paging system with the 9000m2 and the speaker selector?
19 (12 with the SS, 7 with the amp/mixer)
Which 9000 models have a 25V output?
S models only
How many different models are in the 9000M2 line-up?
T/F - The A-9240SHM2 can handle both 70V and 4 ohm output?
T/F - The 9000M2 has two modes - Matrix and Mixer.
When using the powered versions of the 9000M2 (designated by the "A" in A-9060DHM2) you can use this to insert external signal processing equipment after the mixer, but before the power amplifier.
Preamp out/Line In
T/F - The RC-001T module uses 24V external power supplies to power the RS-485 remote controls.
T/F - When using most single power amplifier channel models, the normal output is for low impedence and a jumper is required to convert the output to high impedence.
When installing modules in the back panel, this module must always go last
At least one of these is required when configuring a system for more than 2 Outputs
T/F- The maximum I/O configuration for a 9000M2 unit is 8-In x 4-Out
If a ZP-001T and an AN-001T modules are both being used, the maximum number of Mic/Line inputs that can then be installed in a single 9000M2 frame is:
A blinking channel number on the front panel displays indicates:
The channel is muted
Pressing this button changes the channel from input level display to the fader level display
The channel select button
Pressing this button with any Input channel selected, enters the edit mode
The up or down arrow
T/F - The Gate Realease Time paramater may be found in the input channel Edit Menu
Controls used to enter the password for access to key-locked menus
The Input Select buttons
Pressing Channel 8, ESC/BACK & POWER buttons is used to execute which function?
Update Mode
Programming the ZM-9001 and ZM-9002 remote control settings takes place in this menu:
This function occurs automatically and displays on Powerup when an AN-001T module is installed
ANC Measurement
A red indicator appears next to a channel which is
selected for editing
To preserve display life, the unit's screen saver mode turns off the display when there has been no operation for:
20 minutes
T/F - The original 9000 Series software can be used to program a 9000M2
How many scenes can be recalled in a 9000M2?
Each Input and each Output have this many EQ filters.
The ZP-001T module has how many different ways of receiving input signals? What types?
2: paging port input and RJ-11
When using the ZP-001T in Ring Signal mode, what are the three possible dialing modes?
Auto, manual and group
How many paging events can be stored in a 9000M2?
This must first be set before a paging event can be programmed in the Paging Setting Window
Paging priority
The number of TOA Spealer EQ presets available in the Output channel DSP
This function must be turned on in the DSP in order for VOX paging trigger to function
T/F - The Output channel HPF & LPF in the EQ section may be used as cross-overs
It takes approximately how long for a Configuration File to upload to a 9000M2 from a PC?
T/F - The 9000M2 Firmware Update tool may be found in the Maintenance Application software
The Configuration Files for the 9000M2 are saved with the following extension...
What third-party application must first be installed on the PC for it to be able to communicate with the 9000M2?
.NET framework
The 9000M2 GUI software will not allow you to do these two things:
1. Program a module in the incorrect slot
2. Control a 9000m2 in real-time
A channel's settings may be copied to another channel by performing which following function
Right-click, copy, paste
A channel name is limited to how many alpha-numeric characters?
The following 2 parameters are not stored within a Paging memory
Pagin volume, EQ
T/F - The "ADJUST" function (in certain edit views), must be clicked before that parameter can be edited
How many types of remote control panels are available for the 9000M2?
What 3 different types of remote contol options are available for the 9000M2?
Contact Closure
T/F - When the remote control settings are set for Exclusive mode you can only control one cross-point per button.
T/F - Both star wiring configuration and daisy chaining can be used to connect remote controls to the 9000M2
T/F - When using the ZM-9012 or ZM-9014 as a master volume control for multiple outputs, the LED indicators will reflect the average volume of all outputs.
The total number of TOA remote controls that can be used on a single 9000M2 is:
When using the RS-485 remote controls, each has an address assignment. The first address is...
T/F - The ZM-9001 & ZM-9002 buttons may be used to select program sources
T/F - The RS-485 remotes may using any multi-strand wiring
When using a ZM Serial remote for Paging Initiate function, a flashing LED on the controller means
A higher priority page is currently being broadcast
What is always the best slot for the RC001T module?
Slot 8