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factors enabling pop movement

what factors enable pop movement?
relaxing national boundaries
what is e technology?
enables people to keep in touch with other people around the world via internet
what does e technology allow you to do?
stay in touch with family and friends- skype/facebook
find out about holidays - booking flights online
use websites to look for work/accomodation in other countries
gives a greater awareness of what life is like in another country
people are still able to buy favourite products online
people are still able to watch programmes via vpns and internet radios
in 1998 what percentage of houses in UK had internet?
9% of UK houses has access to internet
in 2005 what percentage of houses had internet?
53% of UK houses had access to internet
which 3 categories is transport split up into?
how has transport been made more accessible?
faster modes of transports have been introduced from 1750 too 2000
1750 stage coach = 11km/h
2000 jet planes = 850km/h
airline networks access more routes around world eg: EMIRATES travelling to MANY DESTINATIONS IN Southern India - base for huge number of migrant workers in middle east
wide network of roads eg: e-roads within Europe easier travel
channel tunnel made it easy for people to travel from england to france
how has transport been made more cost effective?
introducing budget airlines such as: ryan air, easyjet flydubai
therefore people are more likely travel across the world
not put off by high ticket costs therefore more affordable for more people
how has relaxing of national boundaries enabled pop. movement?
people can move freely between 27 EU countries just need passport of ID cards
people need visas to travel to europe from outside EU
what is one of the consequences of tightening national boundaries ?
led to illegal immigration