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Just done as an adjustment layer
"Rule of Thirds"
divides the image into 9 equal squares with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal divisions. The focal point of the image should be at the point where the horizontal and vertical intersect.
a range of colors that are displayed on a device or printed.
Color Space
range of colors a camera can capture or a monitor can display.
Camera Raw
a digital negative created by a digital camera. It is unprocessed and things like contrast and exposure can be altered. To open: FILE>OPEN>LOCATE FILE and if you are asked to make adjustments, make them before you click the OPEN button.
used to manage files, view files and open files; Bridge will also let you create a web gallery which is a webpage with thumbnails navigation to view images that you select. It is set up by using Bridge's OUTPUT>WEB GALLERY
Load a Saved Selection
SELECT>LOAD SELECTION and then click the drop down for channel and find the one they ask for. If asked to select inverse, got to SELECT>INVERSE.
stores copyright/ownership info about the image such as who took the pic, where it was taken, when it was taken and any other info you want to include about the image. FILE>FILE INFO
Snap to
can move objects and force them to snap into a certain location. Located in VIEW
Rendering Intent
the way colors are converted from one system to another.
For businesses such as banks or law enforcement you should use simple sans serif fonts to improve readability and create a sense of security, novelty fonts are not appropriate for these types of businesses.
Design Goals
1) design for target audience
2) meet client's goals for project
Designer Responsibilities
create design comps/mockups/sketches and show client for approval BEFORE designing
made up of pixels on a grid layout and when enlarged, are very blurry (raster images)
when enlarged to any size look crisp and smooth.
Design Elements
Lines, Shapes, Textures
Design Principles
Emphasis, symmetry, contrast, movement, color theory, rule of thirds, unity, whitespace, alignment, proximity, and repetition
indexed image=limited to 256 colors
Export Paths to Illustrator
Photo filters
Found in adjustments panel and include warming and cooling filters as well as color filters.
Include blur, sharpen, distort, etc. if you want to apply a filter to a text layer and retain the ability to edit the text, you must convert the text layer to a smart object before applying the filter.
Data is lost. JPGs and GIFs
All the file's original data is preserved. RAW and TIFF
TIFF file
Typically used in the printing and publishing industry because they can be opened in just about any image editing software; file size is usually quite large.
Design phases
1) plan
2) schedule
3) design/ build
4) review/ evaluate
5) implement/ publish