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standard universal precautions

is treating all patients as if they are capable of transmitting diseases.


a blood thinner.

electrical force

the ECG term vector refers to


is a drug used to suppress coughing.


is a blood test done in a lavender tube which has an additive called EDTA.

the fastest pulse rate

infants have

dermis & epidermis

part of the integumentary system.

activate safety device for disposal

in phlebotomy, the next step after withdrawing the needle from the vein

arterial blood

a capillary blood specimen most resembles in composition

20-23 gauge

the needle most frequently used for venipuncture

23 to 25 gauge

the needle most frequently used for butterfly is the

percussion hammer

used to test reflexes.


instrument used to test the ears.


instrument used to test the eyes.

U wave

in an ECG the wave immediately following the T wave & is present 50-70 % of the individuals

cardiac cycle

one complete heart beat.

regular sinus rhythms

difibrillators are used to convert specific cardiac arrhythmias into


medical term for tube feeding

fifth vital sign

pain is the

korotkoff sounds

sounds heard while taking the blood pressure

core temperature

rectal temperature provide a reading of the patient's


after a gram mal seizure a patient might typically need to be


a patient has fruity or acetone breath odor

the longest appointment

a patient who need a complete physical need to be scheduled for

a durable power of attorney

DO NOT RESUSCITATE in the medical records of a patient.

privacy notice each year

hippa is giving a patient a

an ECG to baseline

patient condition like fever or chills typically would not cause


acetaminophen & ibuprofen

patient movement

the most common cause on an ECG of a baseline interruption


respiration rate above normal.


respiration rate below normal.


a heart rate above normal.


heart rate below normal


patient position most commonly used for gynecological examination (pap smear)

good contact between the skin & electrodes

it is important to cleanse a patient's skin before an ECG to assure

regular heart rate

an ECG that demonstartes no variation of R-R interval would indicate

pleura effusion

the escape of fluid into the pleura cavity


SA NODE is the normal, natural pacemaker of the


relieves allergic symptoms.


depression will cause a decrease in


inflammation of the eyelid.

respiratory system

trachea is part of the


antidote is any substance that neutralizes the effect of poison

respondeat superior

a legal term that states that the physicians are reliable for the actions of the medical assistant


the process of evaluating & prioritizing urgency of treatment

fiscal year

a 12 month period that begins with the same pre-determine date each year

yellow tube

order of blood drawing according to the CLSI always begins with the

inserting the needle

when performing a venipuncture always allow the alcohol to dry naturally before

insufficient funds

a term used to indicate that the writer of the check did not have enough money to cover the check

physician's signature & DEA#

each prescription for controlled substances requires a


drugs dissolved in a solution of sugar & water & then flavored


drugs that have been mixed but not dissolved


techniques that keep areas free of microorganisms

diagnostic tests

tests used to determine what is wrong with a patient


the removal of synovial fluid from a joint is called

0.04 seconds

each 1mm (small) box on the ECG strip represents

sterile technique

reaching over the sterile field is one violation of the


the build up of bodily waste products in the blood

apical pulse

the method of choice for determining the heart rate on infants & young children

purkinje fibers

distribute the electrical impulses to the ventricles of the heart


normal axillary temperature


normal oral temperature


average temperature in celsius is


insurance offered in exchange for a fixed monthly premium


insurance offer to the patient's the options of using either network or non-network physicians or hospitals


insurance offered for people that have low income


insurance offered to people 65 & older & to disables


predetermined flat fee that is paid usually before each medical service or visit

precordial leads

chest leads are also called

gastrointestinal tract

barium sulfate is used as a contrast medium for fluroscopic examination of the

wartenberg wheel

used to test nerve reactions (sensitivity) on the skin


the smallest long bone of the leg


abnormal S shape lateral curvature of the spine

weeks & months at a time

HIV can NOT survive on inanimate objects for


airborne precautions are used to reduce the transmission of


if a medical assistant performs a patient exam after a patient refuses, the medical assistant can be charged with


process of using soap & water scrubbing to remove blood & debris from the medical instruments

knee-chest position

patient places the head & chest on examination table while kneeling with buttocks elevated

sterile techniques

placing sutures in a new location requires the use of


the abbreviation for cubic centimeter


employer identification number is a type of number issued by the

strep throat

throat swab from a culture will confirm a diagnosis of

accounts receivable

money owed to the physician

washing hands

the first line of defense in preventing disease

give 2 breaths & start chest compressions

if an dult patient is not breathing

hematocrit (HCT)

the proportion of blood volume occupied by red blood cells & expressed as a percentage

first degree burn

most common type of burn


a wound in which the outer layers of the skin are scraped off

american medical association

ICD-9 code book is a numerical system for identifying procedure developed by the


test performed for urinalysis with microscopic and culture.

treadmill stress test

a noninvasive cardiac evaluation


due to a deficiency of iodine

to fill

to be safe, when drawing blood always remove the tourniquet when the last tube begins

red topped tube

whole blood takes 20 mins to clot in a

median cubital vein

the first choice for venipuncture


type of infection developed after hospital admission

the skin

largest natural barrier to infection

signed consent

before any procedure the physician need from the patient a


means that all microorganisms are removed

butterfly needle

for pediatric & geriatric patients the best option to draw blood on the back of the hand or wrist with a


green tube has anticoagulant called

specific gravity

first voided morning sample has the highest


listening to the sounds of the body

specialist's office

wave schedule woks best for

admissions review

under peer review improvement act of 1982, peer review organization is responsible for the review of the appropriateness & necessity of hospitalizing patients also known as


would be least likely to affect temperature

orthostatic hypotension

a temporary fall of the blood pressure when standing quickly

corticosteroids & NSAIDS

a patient with systemic lupus (SLE) might be given

trenderlenberg position

best position for quick recovery


an imaging test that provides information about obstructions

medication administration

the right doctor is NOT one of the six rights of


when the medical assistant conveys the feeling that they understands how something makes a patient feel.


a sesamoid fracture will NEVER happen on the


shoulder blade

biceps brachii

inner bone of upper arm




below shoulder blade




inner bone of leg


bone that connects ribs


the science of the function of cells, tissues, & organs of the body


upper arm where IM injections are done

right patient, right route, right time, right technique, right drug, right dose, right date, right documentation

8 rights of administering medication

intramuscular (IM), subcutaneous (SUBQ), intradermal

types of injection

deltoids or gluteus

main site for intramuscular injection on adults


main site for intramuscular injection on infants & young children

because the sciatic nerve is close & may cause paralysis

never give infants or young children injections in the gluteus

hypodermic with a gauge of 20-23 at a 90 degree angle

the type of syringe used for intramuscular injections

hypodermic with gauge of 25-27 at a 45 degree angle

the type of syringe used for subcutaneous injection

tuberculin with a needle gauge of 27-29 at a 10-15 degree angle

the type of syringe used for intradermal injection

to make sure you did not hit a vessel

the purpose of aspirating during subq


the dosage for adults for tuberculin injection


the dosage for children for tuberculin injection

allergy testing & tuberculosis

two purposes for intradermal injection

calibrated in ml

hypodermic & tuberculin syringes

calibrated in units

insulin syringes

isometric line

a straight line on EKG strip when the EKG is not connected to the patient


the part of the EKG machine that makes the line

emetic drug

a drug that induces vomiting

account payable

the amount purchased on credit that is used to the creditor

partial disability

ant illness or injury that prevents someone from performing one or more of their regular function

medical etiquette

conducting courtesy & manners

precordial leads

the 6 standard chest leads in EKG

antiseptic drug

a drug that inhibits the growth of microorganisms

cardiac cycle

what happens within a complete heart beat


allows the physician to perform genetic testing before the baby is born

to determine the effectiveness of sterilization

the purpose of using culture test in sterilization

check book

the physician bank statement is reconciled with a


employees withholding exemption certificate form

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