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mediators of the cellular phases of inflammation and are potent vasodilators


Powerful vasoconstriction and increase platelet aggragation


important mediators of bionchial asthma


vasodilator and reduces platelet aggregation

phospholipase A2

splits arachidonic acid from the phosphlipids


slipts arachidonic acid to prostaglandins, prostacyclin or thromboxanes


slipts arachidonic acid to leukotrienes

serotonin is derived from what aa


enteroendocrine cells produce what hormones

histamine, gastrin, serotonin

in pineal gland serotonin is a precursor of what ?


what is the function of lysergic acid diethylamide in brain

interferes w/ the action of serotonin in the brain

what cytokines cause release of histamine from mast cell degranuklation

IL 1 and IL 8

what anaphylatoxins cause release of histamine from mast cell degranuklation

C3a and C5a

function of urokinase

activates plasminogen

urokinase is produced by what organ


what factors convert fibrinogen to fibrin

thrombin and ionized calcium

decreased sodium delivery to the distal tubules of the kidney caused release of what ?

Renin by kidney

cellular source of IL-1


cellular source of IL-2

helper T-cell

cellular source of IL-3


cellular source of IL-4

Helper T-cell

cellular source of IL-5

Helper T-cell

cellular source of IL-6

T-cell macrophages

cellular source of IL-7

Stromal cells

cellular source of IL-8

macrophages endothelial cells

cellular source of IL-10

T- and B- cells Monocytes macrophages

cellular source of IL-12


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