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Plains Style

high to low, harshness, tension, short phrases
Uses Strophic Form (strophe played and repeated)

Eastern Style

Greater variety from plains, rounder and more relaxed vocals, call and response


Southwest united states and california, phrase repeated several times and interrupted by higher section (rise) relaxed vocals

Ghost Dance Songs

Believed to bring back the dead, used to take over lands

Peyote Music

Intertribal and based on hallucinogens from cactus in Mexico, easily distringuishable

forty niner songs

new body songs tied to powwows , funny songs with english strohpes


a ceremonial complex from the 1940s, celebrated by Native Americans, has a dance circle, surrounded by chairs and vendors, drums and men striking it, grand entry, songs are strophic, community related

Diagetic Music Making

Particularly for films music that you see as its sounding... your seeing what you hearing

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