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a recognition or discovery on the part of the hero; change from ignorance to knowledge; usually tied to the turning point of the play


a reversal of fortune; from good to bad; usually follows anagnorisis; turning point of play


fate which cannot be escaped


purging of emotions of pity and fear; leaves viewer both relieved and elated


forces of nature; or unrestricted passion (undesirable)


human laws instituted by a city


the "good" city of man - ruled by law

verbal irony

what is said is the opposite of what is meant

dramatic irony

the audience knows what to expect, but characters don't

situational irony

what happens is not what is expected


choral movement in ONE direction across the stage


choral movement in the OTHER direction across the stage


dialogue that depicts an altercation between 2 characters; alternating lines of argument between those characters


a tragic flaw; character trait, not physical trait; causes the downfall of the hero; often - hubris

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