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Which book of the bible contains the story of the mission of moses
Who was the sister of moses
What was the first city of Canaan taken back by the Israelites
Who was to speak for moses
What was the name of the family meal celebrated by the Jews on the feast of passover
Who became the leader of the Israelites after the death of moses
How long did the people wander in the desert
40 years
From what mountain did God show Moses the promised land
Mt. Lebo
What was the last and worst plague
The death of the first born sons
What two foods did God provide in the desert
Manna and quail
Why did pharaoh force the Hebrews into slavery
They thought that they were going to overpower him
How was the bronze serpent like Jesus
It was like Jesus because they were both on a cross
Why did Moses flee to midian
Because it was near canaan
How did the israelites remember the night when their houses were passed over
When they had the Passover feast
Into what two groups are,the commandments divided
Loving others and loving god
When does the liturgical year begin and when does it end
When lent starts and ends
What are the two great commandments
Honor your father and mother
What two things does our conscience do
Helps us make good choices
What was the name of the chest carried the stone tablets of the law
The ark of the covenant
What sin did the people commit right after making the covenant
What was god's reply when Moses asked who he was
I am who am
How did the lord guide the Israelites on their journey
A column of fire and a column of cloud
How is the Eucharist similar to the celebration of the Jewish passover
They are both meals that symbolize obedience and sacrifice
In what book do we find the Scripture readings that are used at moses
The lectionaries
What are the two main parts of the mass
The liturgy of the Eucharist and the liturgy of the word
What do the foods used at the Passover feast symbolize
The hardships of the people in egypt
What three things should we consider when making a decision
The consequences
Why did the Israelites love the Law so much
They would be God's people if the followed the law
During the journey through the desert, where was the ark of the covenant housed
In a tent of meeting
What are the first three commandments
Don't worship other gods, keep holy the sabbath day, don't dpsay God's name in vain