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  1. intertidal zone
  2. eutropic
  3. mid-tide zone
  4. aphotic zone
  5. wetlands
  1. a below the photic zone; where sun is unable to penetrate
  2. b divided into vertical zones: low-tide zone, mid-tide zone, high-tide zone, spray zone
  3. c undergoes severe disruption twice a day as tides cover & uncover the shoreline with water
  4. d areas of land such as marshes, swamps and bogs that are saturated with water and that suport aquatic plants
  5. e nutrient rich lakes, found at lower altitudes

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  1. area to a depth of about 200M of the pelagic zone
  2. an inland body of standing water
  3. many species of fishes, octopuses and squids live in this zone
  4. area of lakes/ponds closest to the shore
  5. freshwater

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  1. coralsform natural barriers along continents that protect shorelines from erosion


  2. low-tide zonecovered wth water unless the tide is unusually ow


  3. spray zonearea of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time


  4. photic zoneshallow enough that light can penetrate


  5. intertidal zonearea of lakes/ponds closest to the shore