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  1. abyssal zone
  2. sediment
  3. spray zone
  4. photic zone
  5. plankton
  1. a material that is deposited by water, wind or glaciers
  2. b deepest region of the ocean; water is very cold
  3. c area of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time
  4. d free-floating photosynthetic autotrophs that live in freshwater or marine ecosystems
  5. e animals living here include may species of fish, sea turtles, jellyfish, whales and dolphins

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  1. an ecosystem that is formed where freshwater form a river or a stream merges with salt water from the ocean
  2. where flowing water empties into a larger body of water
  3. symbiotic relationship coral polyps have with algae; algae provide corals with food & in turn, coral provides protection and access to light for he algae
  4. grouped based on abiotic factors such as water flow, distance from shore, salinity and latitude
  5. part of pelagic zone

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  1. coralsfeed by extending tentacles to obtain plankton from the water


  2. intertidal zonenarrow band whre the ocean meets land


  3. lake or pondan inland body of standing water


  4. eutropicplaces of transition - from fresh to salt water and from land to sea


  5. 2.5 percent of Earth's waternarrow band whre the ocean meets land


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