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  1. photic zone
  2. 2.5 percent of Earth's water
  3. eutropic
  4. coral reefs
  1. a nutrient rich lakes, found at lower altitudes
  2. b also called the euphotic zone
  3. c freshwater
  4. d form natural barriers along continents that protect shorelines from erosion

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  1. soft-bodied invertebrates that live in the stonelike structures
  2. transitional ecosystems similar to estuaries
  3. area of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time
  4. water in rivers and streams flows in one direction, beginning at a source called
  5. places of transition - from fresh to salt water and from land to sea

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  1. oligotrophichnutrient rich lakes, found at lower altitudes


  2. zones in the open oceandivided into 3 zones based on the amount of sunlight that penetrates that water


  3. spray zoneonly during high tides that this part of shoreline is sprayed with salt water and few plants & animals are able to live in this environment


  4. intertidal zonereceives more water than the spray zone, so more plants & animals are able to live there


  5. sedimentwhere flowing water empties into a larger body of water