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  1. spray zone
  2. mid-tide zone
  3. estuaries
  4. high-tide zone
  5. corals
  1. a receives more water than the spray zone, so more plants & animals are able to live there
  2. b only during high tides that this part of shoreline is sprayed with salt water and few plants & animals are able to live in this environment
  3. c dominant organism in coral reefs
  4. d places of transition - from fresh to salt water and from land to sea
  5. e undergoes severe disruption twice a day as tides cover & uncover the shoreline with water

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  1. microoorganisms, sea slugs, octopuses, sea urchins, sea stars, and fishes
  2. nutrient rich lakes, found at lower altitudes
  3. freshwater
  4. organisms in this area must adapt to long periods of air and water
  5. soft-bodied invertebrates that live in the stonelike structures

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  1. mouthfeed by extending tentacles to obtain plankton from the water


  2. photic zoneremains on constant darkness and generall y is cold, but has thermal layering with a mixing of warm and cold ocean currents


  3. low-tide zoneorganisms in this area must adapt to long periods of air and water


  4. lake or ponddivided into 3 zones based on the amount of sunlight that penetrates that water


  5. major freshwater ecosystemsaquatic environments that are a combination of two or more different environments;