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  1. aquatic ecosystems
  2. abyssal zone
  3. salt marshes
  4. spray zone
  5. corals
  1. a transitional ecosystems similar to estuaries
  2. b grouped based on abiotic factors such as water flow, distance from shore, salinity and latitude
  3. c area of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time
  4. d deepest region of the ocean; water is very cold
  5. e soft-bodied invertebrates that live in the stonelike structures

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  1. feed by extending tentacles to obtain plankton from the water
  2. deepest areas of a large lake
  3. remains on constant darkness and generall y is cold, but has thermal layering with a mixing of warm and cold ocean currents
  4. also called the euphotic zone
  5. an inland body of standing water

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  1. sedimentmaterial that is deposited by water, wind or glaciers


  2. photic zonebelow the photic zone; where sun is unable to penetrate


  3. photic zoneanimals living here include may species of fish, sea turtles, jellyfish, whales and dolphins


  4. coral reefswidely distributed in warm shallow marine waters


  5. intertidal zonenarrow band whre the ocean meets land


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