Chapter 25 - CPT Coding

41 terms by blissfuldaisy

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para-urethral ducts

Aka skene's duct; group of small mucous glands, lacated near the lower end of the urethra


the surgical removal of part or all of the tiisue of the vulva


surgical repair of the opening of the vagina


surgial reduction of the clitoris


plastic repair of the perineum


any sugical incision into the wall of the vagina


insertion of long needle attached to syringe through the back wall of the vagina to gain access to the peritoneal cul-de-sac, the area between the uterus and the rectum to drain fluid


surgery performed to strengthen an area on the wall of the vagina that is weak, by pulling together the weakend vaginal area with sutures


of the vagina; includes dilation, pelvic examination and removal foreign body

leep or letz

loop electrode excision procedure for cervix and uterus; aka cervical loop diathermy


removal of a cone shape sample of tissue, for biopsy treaTMENT


removal of surgical tissue for micrscopic examination to diagnse chronic cervical infection of the cervical cancer

crevical conization

excision of a cone shaped tissue section frm the endocervix, performed to obtain a tissue sample to establish a precise diagnosis.


repair of the cervix


complex cervical repair in which plastic methods are used to repair the cervix


biopsy of the mucous lining of the uterus

dilation & cutterage

clamps are used to manipulate the cervix; a curet is inserted into the oterus; fragments are removed from the endometrium


surgical removal of the uterus

abdominal approach

surgeon open the abdomen to veiw by means od incision

vaginal approach

surgeon makes an incison in the vagina around the cervix and remove the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes

intrauterine device (IUD)

contraceptive device

artifical insemination

sperm is injected into the crevix; often a cervical cap is inserted to keep the sperm in the cervical area

in-vitro fertilization

egg from a female is withdrawn and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory for 2-3 days with subsequent implantion into the uterus


diagnostic procedure to test the patency of the fallopian tubes


surgical procedure to open an obstruced or narrowed tube


tying off the tube with suture material; type of tubial ligation


removing a portion of the tube; type of tual ligation


blocking the tube with a device such as a clip,ring,or band; type of tubal ligation


repair of adhesion on the ovaries


repair of adhesion on the ovaries


expected (estimated) date of delivery


last menstrual period


before childbirth


after childbirth


small amount of amniotic fluid is removed for lab analysis;after 14 weeks


procedure to obtain a fetal blood sample


incision into the uterus

ectopic pregnacy

pregnant in fallopian tubes

postpartum cutterage

removal of remaining pieces of the placenta or clotted blood

spontaneous abortion


septic abortion

missed abortion, except with the added complication of infection

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