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review for phys test


Shaft of the long bone


Ends of the bone; spongy bone; contain red bone marrow


Fascial membrane that lines the medullary cavity

Medullary Cavity

Cavity of the diaphysis; contains yellow (fat) bone marrow


Means : in the embryo


Builds cartilage (in the embryo) for the cartilage model/structure of the bones


Makes bone from the early 'bones' made of cartilage; after birth calcification of the bones occurs


Mature bone cells


Breaks down old and damaged bone cells

Bone Classifications

Compact - having little space between the tissues
Spongy - Having larger spaces in between the tissues; Red bone marrow in the ends of long bones


The lacey-like structure in spongy bone


The name given to one ring of bone cells (around a blood vessel)


The name given to a full set bone cell rings (around blood vessels)

Haversian Canal

The longitudinal canals in long bones that blood vessles pass through

Volkmann's Canal

The transverse canals that blood vessels pass through

Bone 'recipe'

25% water
25% protein fiber
50% Mineral salts

Cranium Bones (8 )

Frontal, parietals, temporals, ethmoid, sphenoid, occipital

Facial Bones (14)

Mandible, maxillas, zygomatics, lacrimals, volmar, palatines, nasal conchas

Ossicles (6)

(ear bones) hammers, anvils, stapes

Cranial Sutures

Coronal, sagittal, squamosal, lamdoidal

Muscle Characteristics

Excitability, Contractibility, Extensibility, Elasticity


The structural unit of the muscle containing Actin(thin) & Myosin (thick); several in one muscle cell

Acetylcholine (ACh)

The principle neurotransmitter involved with muscle contraction

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