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Actions and Effects of Spleen channel

SP 1

F: stops bleeding; contains blood; for local stagnation, gout
I: blood in stool, urine, nosebleeds, uterine bleeding, vomiting or spitting up blood (from ST or LU), chronic childhood or infantile convulsion, dream disturbed sleep, emotional disorders (no clear boundaries)

SP 2

F: regulates ST and SP
I: abdominal pain and distention, epigastric pain, big toe pain, gout, local pt

SP 3

F: strengthens SP and transforms dampness; regulates qi and harmonizes the ST; dispels cold-damp from the channels
I: abdominal pain (d/t underlying SP def) and distention, acute gastroenteritis, constipation, diarrhea, epigastric pain, hunger w/ no desire to eat*, HA from dampness - band around head (similar to ST 8), edema

SP 4

F: bias towards excess conditions; strengthens SP and transforms damp; regulates qi and harmonizes ST; activates chong mai; brakes up masses and accumulations; moves stagnation in middle and lower warmers
I: abdominal distention, bloating and pain, diarrhea, epigastric pain, irregular menstruation (esp. w/ qi and blood stasis), safe pt during pregnancy

SP 5

F: strengthens the SP; rids dampness through urination - SP 9 is a better pt for this action
I: abdominal distention (assoc. w/ SP def), constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids (SP 1 better), lower limb edema (esp at ankle), local pt for diseases of the ankle and surrounding tissue

SP 6

F: 3 leg yin crossing; MP for all SP disorders; Mp for reproductive disorders; strengthens SP and ST; benefits the KDs; smooths LV; treats LV, SP and KD
I: abdominal distention, borborygmus, diarrhea, edema, watery diarrhea w/ undigested food, cloudy urine, urinary retention, amenorrhea, difficult labor, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, reproductive disease, skin conditions

SP 8

F: blood stasis; regulates blood and moves stagnant blood
I: abdominal pain and distention, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, abnormal uterine bleeding, injury - blood stasis in channel

SP 9

F: MP for dampness anywhere in the body; MP for vaginal discharge (damp-heat/damp-cold); drains dampness through urination; transforms dampness
I: abdominal pain and distention; diarrhea; stool w/ undigested food; ascites; systemic edema; incontinence; UTIs; vaginal discharge; irregular menstruation (d/t accumulation of damp); genital pain; knee pain (local pt)

SP 10

F: moving and cooling; cools blood heat; breaks up accumulation and dissolves hard masses
I: amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, damp-heat skin conditions, urticaria, medial knee or thigh pain (local pt)

SP 15

F: intetinal (def. cold); adjusts and regulates the LI; strengthens the SP and expels dampness
I: abdominal pain and distention (esp. d/t cold), constipation, diarrhea (def. cold), moxa is good

SP 21

F: Big Wrapper; whole body pain; general bruising; governs and wraps the the luo vessel of the body; opens channels and invigorates collaterals; unbinds the chest
I: chest and rib pain and tightness, generalized body pain and soreness, 4 limbs tired and w/o strength, intercostal neuralgia, generalized bruising, whole body pain

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