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  1. ecosystem
  2. Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)
  3. chlorophyll
  4. competition
  5. biological community
  1. a directed by Tom Goldtrooth, formed by native Americans to protect their tribal lands and communities from environmental damage
  2. b a biological community and all of the abiotic factors that affect it
  3. c occurs when more than one organism uses a resource at the same time
  4. d greeen pigment found in green plants and algea
  5. e na group of interacting populations that occupy the same geographic area at the same time

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  1. a plant that is a predator - has modified leaves that form small traps for insects and other small animals
  2. clownfish receives food from and protection while sea anemones are not harmed (and do not benefit from the relationship)
  3. some observations and analyses must be made over long periods of time n a process called
  4. temperature, air or water currents, sunlight, soil type, rainfall or available nutrients
  5. can be external like ticks/fleas or internal like bacteria or roundworms

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  1. ecologythe scientific discipline in which the relationships among living organisms and the interaction the organisms ahve with their environment are studied.


  2. modelallows ecologists to control the number of variables present and to slowly introduce new variable in order to fully understand the effect of each variable


  3. predatorthe act of one organism consuming another organism for food


  4. kinds of symbiosisthe close relationship that exists when two or more species live together


  5. brood parasitismrely on other bird species to build their nests and incubate their eggs