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A direct express to an absent person, inanimate object, or abstract quality. (ie death) Usually used to give vent or to display intense emotion, which can no longer be held back.


a rhetorical term demonstrated when a question is raised and then immediately answered by the asker.

Rhetorical Question

A question asked for effect rather than information, usually implying a strong affirmation or denial.


A contrast of two words, ideas, or phrases emphasized through parallelism.


Emphasize a verb by putting it at the end of a sentence, use inversion, adjective after the noun.


Repetition of words in reversed order. Used for emphasis, contrast.


Linking two or more parts of speech by another part of speech. For example, one verb with multiple subjects.


Repeating a word in a different form. Used on significant words.


Repeating the same words at the start of multiple phrases. Gives intensity.


Repeating the same words at the end of multiple phrases. Used for emphasis.


A combination of anaphora and epistrophe. Powerful use of repetition to make an important point.


Repeating the same words at the beginning and end of a sentence. It can be used to reveal a truth, and then make a connection to an important context.


Repitition of words with no others in between. Use for emphasis.


Breaking off of a thought, used to show that the speaker cannot continue due to overwhelming passion.


Repetition of the last word from the previous line, clause, etc.Used to put focus on the author's train of thought.


A list of items in increasing importance.


Gives the effect of incompletion, climax, spontaneity, synonymity, speed, simplicity.

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