Murray's Oklahoma 1st Grade Vocabulary

28 terms by sdmurray

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Oklahoma Academic Vocabulary for 1st Grade


written in alphabetical order

Beginning Consonant

the first consonant sound in a word


mix together different elements


a series of related events forming an episode


the inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions


the use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc.


sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed


speak with others about (something)


have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense

ending consonant

the letter at the end of a word not a vowel


differing from all others

fairy tale

an interesting but highly implausible story

follow directions

to complete an assignment using a step by step process

front cover

the front outer part of a book


a written message addressed to a person or organization

listening skill

to be able to hear and understand what is being said or read.


relating to small (not capitalized) letters that were kept in the lower half of a compositor's type case


assign a specified, proper name to

picture book

a book consisting chiefly of pictures


to say, state, or perform again


be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable


equal in amount or value

sight word

a word that is immediately recognized as a whole and does not require word analysis for identification


the name of a work of art or literary composition etc.


finish up or conclude


capital letters of the alphabet


the letters a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y


language that is spoken or written

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