9 terms

Sociology Quiz 10

Incest Taboo
cultural norms and laws that forbid sexual intercourse between close blood relatives, such as brother and sister, father and daughter or uncle and niece
the practice of selecting mates from within one's group
the practice of selecting mates from outside of one's group
Fictive Kin
nonrelatives who are accepted as part of the family
an arrangement in which two unrelated people are not married but love together and have a sexual relationship
one person is married exclusively to another person
a marriage form in which a man or woman has two or more spouses
Extended Family
a form of family which consists of parents and children, as well as other kin, such as uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins and grandparents
Boomerang Generation
young adults who move back into their parents' home after living independently for a while or who never leave it in the first place