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Science gr 7

Overview of CANADIAN science
what does ecology mean
the study of living things
what are the 4 needs of living things
habitat, H2O, food, gases
what are the 3 symbiotic relationships
mutualism, parasitism, commensalism
what is mutualism
both benefit :) :)
what is parasitism
benefits one, harms the other :) :(
what is commensalism
one benefits, one not harm :) :|
what is an adaption
something the organism is born with
what is niche
The term niche is used to describe the role an organism or population plays within its community or ecosystem.
what is a need
something you csnt live without
what is a want
it makes the need better, you can live without it
what are the 3 R's
reduce, reuse, recycle
what is sustainibility
resoures from nature are being renewed as quickly as they are used and wastes are being absorbed into the earth
what is abiotic
non living things (air, water)
what is biotic
living things
what is the difference between food webs and food chains
food webs are more complex than foodchains
what's transpiration
when water is taken in through the roots ands evaporates through the leaves
what is active solar heating
using electronics
what is passive solar heating
using the materials in the house
what is a refridgerant
liquids that evaporate easily at low temps