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Signaled the transfer of power from the aristocracy to the middle class

French Revolution

During the 19th century, concert life began to center in

the public music hall

In the Romantic Era, skilled musicians were trained at


most important genre of orchestral music during the Romantic era?


Romantic composers sought to make instruments sing. This is best described as the element


The German term for art song


A group of Lieder unified by some narrative thread or descriptive theme is called

a song cycle

Elfking was a setting of the ballad written by

Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

Schumann's "In the Lovely Month of May" is from the song cycle

A Poet's Love

The most important keyboard instrument during the romantic period is

the piano

Titles such as Prelude, Impromptu, and Intermezzo are used for

short, lyric piano pieces

The "poet of the piano"

Frederic Chopin

Chopin spent most of his productive life in


Hensel was discouraged from pursuing a career as a composer because

she was a woman

Stephen Foster did not compose

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Had movies been invented in the nineteenth century, the genre of incidental music would be most similar to

film soundtracks

first great exponent of musical Romanticism in France.

Hector Berlioz

first Bohemian composer to achieve international prominence

Bedrich Smetana

Smetana's My Country is a set of

six symphonic poems

The Mighty Five were composers from


A large-scale work in several movements for solo instrument(s) and orchestra is called a


number of movements in a typical symphony


form of the first movement of a symphony


Scheme of a traditional symphony


often described as a traditionalist, because of his use of forms of the Classical masters


The Afro-American Symphony was written by

William Grant Still

National styles of opera developed in

Italy, France, Germany

nineteenth-century opera singer who was known as the Swedish Nightingale

Jenny Lind

Italian comic opera is called

Opera buffa

widely loved nationalist opera composer

Giuseppe Verdi

Verdi's last opera completed at the age eighty


Richard Wagner

music composer and writer

In the last decades of the nineteenth century, composers fell under the influence of or reacted against

Richard Wagner

The two principal centers of nineteenth-century ballet were

France and Russia

Tchaikovsky's principal patron

Nadezhda von Meck

Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker is based on a story by

E.T.A Hoffman

The post-Romantic ear lasted from approximately


Puccini did not write


Impressionism was a style cultivated principally in


Expressionism originated in


Impressionism is music is best exemplified by the works of

Claude Debussy

The element of rhythm in twentieth-century music is best characterized as

disregarding the basic metrical meters of the past

The element that most decisively separated twentieth-century music from that of the past


The composer most closely associated with twelve-tone music is

Arnold Schoenberg

Paris based Russian ballet impresario that commissioned Stravinsky to write ballets

Serge Diaghilev

Stravinsky did not write

Daphnis et Chloe

The Rite of Spring opened in Paris in 1913 to

a near riot

Alban Berg

disciple of Schoenberg, best known for his operas Wozzeck and Lulu


NOT a twentieth century Russian composer

An important American instrumental ensemble of the nineteenth-century was the

brass band

America's greatest bandmaster

John Phillip Sousa

The first American composer of the twentieth-century is

Charles Ives

Ives received a Pulitzer Prize for

Symphony No 3

Of the following, which type of music was NOT composed by William Grant Still?

Avant-garde electronic music

Aaron Copland's Billy the Kid is

a ballet

Copland composed Appalachian Spring for

Martha Graham

What is considered to be America's unique contribution to theater?

the musical

What American city is considered the birthplace of jazz?

New Orleans

Which of the following was NOT a superstar of the 1980's?

Elvis Presley

Over 300,000 music fans attended the Woodstock Festival held in upstate New York in August:


Music that is performed on screen and is part of the drama itself is called:

source music

Rock and roll emerged as a union of which two styles?

rhythm/blues and country/western

Which early twentieth-century songwriter composed the wartime hit Over There?

George M. Cohan

Music made up of natural sounds that are recorded and then altered is called:

Musique concrete

Which of the following is an established, living American composer of musicals?

Stephen Sondheim

American musical theater developed from _____________, whose repertory includes the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.


Tin Pan Alley

center of music publishing in New York

The element of melody in twentieth-century music is best characterized by

wide leaps and dissonant intervals

Take a Train was composed by

Billy Strayhorn

Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics for

West Side Story

West Side Story

modern-day musical setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

John Williams did NOT

write the Titanic film scores

The "father of soul"

Ray Charles

Who was NOT a member of the Beatles?

Roger McGuinn

David Bowie and Elton John are representatives of

the glitter rock style

John Cage

invented the prepared piano

Bright Sheng was born in


Librettist for Doctor Atomic

Peter Sellars

African-American music forms the roots of the popular American musical styles of

ragtime, blues, and jazz

The program of Debussy's Prelude to "The Afternoon of a Faun" evokes

a landscape of a pagan mythological creature

Romantic Choral music

flowered during the 19th century, attracted non-musical people, Schubert, Schumann, Hendelssohn, Brahms.

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