Spaatz Leadership Exam

21 terms by ShaneGinnard

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Where is the first place to look (or refer to) when assuming a new position?


Giving your NCO's enough authority to get the job done develops what?


What is the "process of organizing and using resources to accomplish predetermined objectives"?


What school of thought focuses on the straight line chain of command that places responsibility on one person with authority to give orders to subordinates?


Is local OR central control of resources essential to their best use?


What type of direction is most effective when you require immediate action and strict control?


What is a temporary committee working on special agenda items?


What are two important qualities of a staff meeting?


In CAPVA 176, what does VA stand for?


What is a custom, dating back to the Romans, of publicly committing yourself to do a task?


The first sergeant represents the interests of whom?


In 1942, who was appointed supreme commander of the Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific area and pledged, "I shall return"?


What is an understanding and doing what ought to be done, when it should be done, without directly being told to do so?


Having a practical action plan to keep on track is what leadership attribute?


According to "The Reason For Leadership", what is the only reason for a leader to be ineffective?


What is shifting emotions, attitudes, or fantasies from a person to another person that is more socially acceptable?


Group discipline means what?


In General Arnold's letter to Lt Col Stefen, what is defined as "putting the right men in the right places"?


A parade is made up of what?


For a wing review, what is the normal formation/arrangement?


What publication is the numerical index of CAP Forms, Test Materials, and Certificates?


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