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  1. AKA Type II Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    The neonate may have good APGAR scores at birth but deteriorates a few hours later
  2. is when the aorta rises from the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery rises from left ventricle
  3. symptoms are: failure to grow,greasy stools,salty skin,chronic cough
    Due to an inherited defect in chromosome 7
  4. a blood clot in the artery with in the lung
  5. a cough for three consecutive months for two years
  6. excessive fluid on the pleural space

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  1. meconium aspirationoccurs usually in term or post term infants after they aspirate fetal bowels in amniotic fluid


  2. pulmonary edemaswelling of alveolar walls and interstitial spaces which result in white/pink frothy sputum


  3. bronchopulmonary dysplasiafrom high pressures and high FiO2 from being ventilated for more than 7 days


  4. myasthenia gravissigns are droopy eyelids,double vision,and muscle weakness that comes and goes


  5. tetrology of fallotexcessive fluid on the pleural space


  6. DMDaffects mostly males at birth.
    known for degeneration of muscles with increasing severe weakness