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  1. symptoms are: failure to grow,greasy stools,salty skin,chronic cough
    Due to an inherited defect in chromosome 7
  2. usually preceded by an infection or immunization,
    results in the immune system attacking the myelin sheath
  3. a blood clot in the artery with in the lung
  4. from high pressures and high FiO2 from being ventilated for more than 7 days
  5. excessive fluid on the pleural space
  6. swelling of alveolar walls and interstitial spaces which result in white/pink frothy sputum

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  1. DMDcaused by a virus .in older children Nd adults it may be just a \"common cold\"


  2. pulmonary fibrosisscarring of the lung tissue due to an inhaled particle


  3. IRDSis also known as hyaline membrane disease
    it is due to a lack of surfactant from immature lung development


  4. tetrology of fallotis made up of four cadiac defects


  5. ALSis diagnosed by ruling out other disorders


  6. PDAsystolic murmur aka \" washing machine\" heard in upper left sternal border