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Team Policing

Which policing strategy reorganizes conventional patrol strategies into integrated and versitle police teams assigned to a fixed district?

Strategic Policing

Which police strategy evolved from the reform era of the mid-1900s?

Penn State Police

Which state had the first modern state police agency?

Routine patrol in marked police cars does not appear to affect the level of crime, nor the public's feelings of security

The Kansas City Preventive Experiment established that...


Which federal law enforcement agency would most likely investigate a white-collar offense?

Assists local law enforcement departments in criminal investigations when asks to do so, Operate centralized identification bureau, maintain a centralized criminal records repository, patrol the state's highways, provide select training gor municipal and county officers.

A centralized law enforcement agency is one in which?

do not go out on call

What is typically not a function of the sherriffs department?


What federal Law enforcement agency is responsible for maintainging the uniform crime reporting program?

Most calls to police come after time has passed

Why doesn't police response time result in a significant number of arrests?


What federal agency is responsible for managing the database of DNA profiles?

Close ties between the police and public officials

The political era what characterized by...

Pride in proffessional crime fighting, emphasis on solving "traditional" crimes and making arrests

What are the characteristics of the reform era of americal policing?

Partnership between police and community

Community policing is best characterized by what?

Set of values, beliefs, and acceptable forms of behavior

What is the best way to describe police subculture?

Enforces the letter of the law

The legalistic style of policing is what?

Crime fighting

The police subculture forcuses almost exclusively on what?

4th amendment

Unreasonable searches and seizures are prohibited by?

Warren court

which 1960s US suprem justice

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