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Which one of the following is not one of the four main tissue categories?

osseous tissue

The tissue that always has a "top" and a "bottom" is

epithelial tissue.

Characteristics of epithelia include all of the following except

extracellular matrix.

The junction type that lets neighboring cells exchange small molecules is the

gap junction.

Functions of epithelia include all of the following, except

supporting muscle cells.

Epithelial cells that are adapted for absorption or secretion usually have ________ at their free surface.


A type of intercellular junction that stops materials from crossing an epithelium between cells is termed a(n)

occluding junction.

Dead skin cells are shed in thin sheets because they are held together by "spots" of proteoglycan reinforced by intermediate filaments. Such strong intercellular connections are called


Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them for


Epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue by

a basal lamina.

Which tissue lines the small intestine and the stomach?

simple columnar epithelium

A layer of glycoproteins that prevents leakage of materials from connective tissues into epithelia is the

lamina lucida.

Epithelia specialized for providing sensations of smell, taste, sight, equilibrium, and hearing are known as


Germinative cells

divide continually to produce new epithelial cells.

In stratified epithelia adapted to resist mechanical forces, which of the following types of cell-to-cell junctions are especially abundant?


Close examination of a healthy organ reveals a lining of several layers of cells. The layers do not contain any blood vessels and one surface of the cells lines the cavity of the organ. This tissue is a type of


Examination of a tissue sample reveals groups of cells united by junctional complexes and interlocking membranes. The cells have one free surface and lack blood vessels. The tissue is most likely ________ tissue.


Transitional epithelium is found

lining the urinary bladder.

The heart and blood vessels are lined by

simple squamous epithelium.

You would find pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining the


Glands that secrete their product by the bursting of cells are

holocrine glands

Cells that are flat and thin are classified as


Mesothelium is to the body cavities as endothelium is to the

heart and blood vessels.

The epithelia that line body cavities and blood vessels are classified as

simple squamous.

Glands that secrete hormones into the interstitial fluid are

endocrine glands

The two major types of cell layering in epithelia are

simple and stratified.

The epithelium that forms air sacs in the lungs is

simple squamous epithelium.

The function of simple cuboidal epithelium is

absorption and secretion.

The study of cells shed from epithelial surfaces, often for diagnostic purposes, is termed

exfoliative cytology.

Secretions through a duct might provide ________, whereas ductless secretions act as ________.

enzymes; hormones

The Pap test for cervical cancer utilizes

exfoliative cytology.

Cells that are specialized for secretion

exhibit polarity.

Watery perspiration is an example of a(n) ________ secretion


Which of the following statements about simple epithelia is false?

They cover surfaces subjected to mechanical or chemical stress.

The pancreas produces ________ secretions.

exocrine and endocrine

Unicellular exocrine glands secrete


A gland formed by cells arranged in a blind pocket with a single unbranched duct would be called

simple alveolar.

Which of the following tissues are classified as "connective tissue proper"?
1. areolar connective tissue
2. adipose tissue
3. fibrocartilage
4. dense irregular connective tissue

1, 2, and 4

Which cell produces the protein fibers in areolar connective tissue?


Blood is which type of tissue?


The sticky material between cells of areolar connective tissue is called the

ground substance

Cells that store fat are called


The framework or stroma of organs such as the spleen, liver, and lymph nodes is made up of ________ tissue

reticular connective

The dominant fiber type in dense connective tissue is


Each of the following is an example of dense connective tissue, except

areolar tissue.

The three categories of connective tissues are

connective tissue proper, fluid connective tissues, and supporting connective tissues.

Two classes of macrophages include

fixed macrophages and free macrophages.

Two types of microphages include

neutrophils and eosinophils.

Tissues that provide strength and support for areas subjected to stresses from many directions are

dense irregular connective tissues.

What type of cell makes up almost half the volume of blood?


Wharton's jelly is a form of

mucous connective tissue

Which of the following connective tissue cells produces collagen?


________ attach skeletal muscles to bones, and ________ connect one bone to another.

Tendons; ligaments

The three types of protein fibers in connective tissue are

collagen, reticular, and elastic.

White fat is found in ________, while brown fat is found in ________.

adults; infants

Cells that engulf bacteria or cell debris within loose connective tissue are


The most common type of cartilage is ________ cartilage.


Loose connective tissue functions in all of the following ways, except

provide strong connections between muscles and bones.

Antibodies are produced by


Cells that respond to injury by dividing to assist in connective tissue repair are

mesenchymal stem cells.

Osseous tissue is also called


Chondroitin sulfate is abundant in the matrix of


Which type of connective tissue is found in the trachea and between the ribs and sternum?

hyaline cartilage

A tissue with a gel matrix and cells inside lacunae is


Cartilage is separated from surrounding tissues by a fibrous


Chondrocytes are to cartilage as osteocytes are to


Damage to a joint cartilage is affecting which type of tissue?

supporting connective tissue

Unlike cartilage, bone

highly vascular.

Which of the following membranes line cavities that communicate with the exterior of the body?


The reduction of friction between the parietal and visceral surfaces of an internal cavity is the function of

serous membranes.

The serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity is the


Adhesions between abdominopelvic organs occur when

serous membranes are damaged.

Microscopic examination of a tissue reveals a loose framework of fibers embedded in a large volume of fluid ground substance and adipocytes and mast cells fibers. This tissue would most likely have come from the

superficial fascia between skin and muscle.

The framework of connective tissue between the skin and underlying muscles is called the

superficial fascia.

Which of these refers to the dense connective tissue that surrounds a muscle and blends with the tendon?

deep fascia

Tissue that is specialized for contraction is ________ tissue.


Myosatellite cells are found in association with

skeletal muscle.

Intercalated discs and pacemaker cells are characteristic of

cardiac muscle tissue.

The muscle tissue that shows no striations is ________ muscle.


Tissue that is specialized for the conduction of electrical impulses is ________ tissue


All of the following are true of neurons, except that

they are a very specialized form of connective tissue.

During an inflammatory response to injury, which of the following is the least likely in the region of the injury?

cold, pale skin

The permanent replacement of normal tissue by fibrous tissue is called


Tissue changes with age include all of the following, except

proliferation of epidermal cells

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