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Last notes for Test 1

factors affecting digestibility

1) rate of passage
2) age
3) disease/parasites
4) nutrient excess/deficiency

2 methods of digestion

physical breakdown
chemical hydrolysis

chemical hydrolisis

takes place in true stomach/abomasum/gizzard.
acid hydrolysis and enzyme breakdown

growth trials

evaluate animal performance fed graded levels of nutrient or ingredient


measure of amount of nutrients going in and those coming out

coming out

digestibility measures the amount of nutrients going in and those _____ _____

digestibility coefficient

((weight feed X % nutrient in feed) - (weight feces X % nutrient in feces)) / (weight feed X% nutrient in feed)

sources of errors in digestibility trial

1) enzymes secreted into GI tract
2) nutrient of bacteria origin
3) nutrients from epithelium cells
4) feed waste and spillage
5) errors in proximate analysis

total digestibility

difference between intake and excretion.
doesn't take into account losses/gains from fermentation.
simple, fairly precise

ileal digestibility

difference between intake and excetion but collected at end of small intestine
bypasses microbial fermentation
surgery, more precise

true digestibility

measures enzyme and sloughed cell contribution
identical to ileal digestibility but also takes into account nutrients from digestive enzymes and slough intestinal cells
most precise, requires nutrient free diet.


hormone responsible for stimulating nutrient uptake by cells


Acid secretion in poultry occurs in the ____

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