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Complete moles

_____ hydatidiform moles do not contain embryonic tissues other than the chorionic villi and have excessive trophoblast proliferation.

It is the product of a strongly paternally imprinted and maternally expressed gene.

In diagnosing complete versus partial mole, is p57KIP2 paternally or maternally imprinted?


If present in a molar pregnancy, it indicates the presence of maternally derived genetic material. This indicates a partial mole.


If absent in a molar pregnancy, it indicates the absence of maternally derived genetic material. This indicates a complete mole.

Limitation in p57KIP2 utility.

It can't tell the difference between partial hydatidiform mole and spontaneous abortion because both have immunostaining for this marker.

Risk factors for molar pregnancy

Extremes of maternal age and prior molar pregnancy

NLRP7 (nucleotide-binding, leucine-rich repeat, pyrin domain)

Gene implicated in recurrent, familial molar pregnancies

Complete hydatidiform mole

Which type of molar pregnancy is generally associated with marked villous hydrops with extensive circumferential trophoblast hyperplasia, trophoblastic nuclear pleomorphism, and central villous cistern formation with pushing out of the peripheral villous stroma and no villous blood vessels?

Partial hydatidiform mole

Which type of molar pregnancy generally has 2 populations of villi commonly exist: enlarged hydropic villi with central cistern formation and small, sclerotic, and normal-sized ones.

Peutz Jegher Syndrome

- Hamartomatous polyps of the small bowel (arborizing muscular stroma)
- Oral mucocutaneous hyperpigmentation
- Adenoma malignum of cervix

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