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The ___________ number system uses the digits 0-9 and the symbols A-F.


Which of the following sequences lists the speed of memory from the fastest to the slowest?

RAM, Level 2 cache, Level 1 cache, registers

registers, Level 1 cache, Level 2 cache, RAM

RAM, Level 1 cache, Level 2 cache, registers

registers, Level 2 cache, Level 1 cache, RAM

registers, Level 1 cache, Level 2 cache, RAM

A byte is composed of ___________ bits.


Unicode uses ___________ bits to code character data


The earliest generation of electronic used ___________ as switches.

vacuum tubes

___________ is the semiconductor material used to make transistors.


All of the commands in an instruction set are written in ___________ language, which is easier for humans to work with than binary.


The main purpose of the decode stage is for the CPU's ___________ to translate program instructions into commands the CPU can understand.

control unit

The CPU processing cycle has how many steps?


The collection of commands that a specific CPU executes is called its ___________ set.


The ___________ is the box that contains the central electronic components of the computer.

system unit

A(n) ___________ system is an organized plan for representing a number.


Registers are the most expensive, fastest ___________ in a computer.


___________ is the first step of the CPU machine cycle.


True or False?
Serial processing uses a large network of computers, with each computer simultaneously working on a section of the same problem


True or False?
All data input into a computer will be stored as a string of 1s and 0s


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